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Birger Olsen
The Lights Just Buzz
Mama Bird, 2016

Bass, organ


Brian Cutean (QTN)
The Sound of Photosynthesis
Burnt Toothbrush, 2016

Electric guitars, mandolin, Wurlitzer piano


Redwood Son
self-released, 2016

Electric guitar, baritone, electric 12-string


Days Full of Rain:
a tribute to Townes Van Zandt
Woodphone Records, 2016

Portland Country Underground - "Marie", "No Lonesome Tune"
Vocals, guitar, mandolin

Sallie Ford - "Loretta", Denver - "Turnstiled, Junkpiled", Ben Nugent - "Tower Song", Minus 5 - "Rake", Michael Hurley - "Pancho & Lefty"
Guitar on all


Leave the Radio On
Fluff & Gravy, 2015

Band member, Hammond B3 organ, piano, acoustic guitar


Jenny Don't & the Spurs
Doomtown Sounds, 2015

Lead guitar

Quite a Feelin

Barna Howard
Quite a Feelin'
Mama Bird Recording Co., 2015

Bass, lead guitar, organ


Ben Nugent
Moving Targets
self-produced, 2014

Bass, lead guitar, Hammond B3 organ


Rowdy Love
Mama Bird Recording Co., 2014

Band member, Bass, lead guitar, vocals

Quiet Life

Quiet Life
Wild Pack
Mama Bird Recording Co., 2013

Hammond B3, guitar


Revise Your Maps
Jealous Butcher, 2013

Electric guitar


Kory Quinn & the Comrades
At the End of the Bar
Self-released, 2013

Electric guitar (Back to Oregon)


Ages and Ages
Partisan Records, 2013

Piano, electric guitar, vocals


Lewi Longmire & The Left Coast Roasters
Live With Love b/w Remedy (7" single)
Lawnmower Music, 2013

Songs, vocals, guitars, Farfisa organ


Curly Cassettes, 2013

Piano, banjo

ill Electric Ill
Twisted Light
Amorephonics, 2013

Lead guitar, keyboards
Coykendall Mike Coykendall
Chasing Away the Dots
Fluff & Gravy, 2012

Farfisa organ
Meridian1 Meridian
The Great Escape
self-released, 2012

Electric guitar
whiskey The James Low Western Front
Whiskey Farmer
Union Made Records, 2012

Hammond B3 organ, pump organ
Balls Deep in Babylon
Self-produced, 2011

Guitar, pedal steel, vocals

Laura Veirs
Tumble Bee
Raven Marching Band Records, 2011

Vocal chorus member

Valiant WC Beck & the Valiant Swains
self-produced, 2011

Electric guitar, vocals
Jimmy2 Jim Boyer
Red Newt Records, 2011

Electric & acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, Hammond B3, piano
TLCR Lewi Longmire Band
Tales of the Left Coast Roasters
Lawnmower Music, 2011

Songs, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo
mdd2 Michael Dean Damron
Plea From a Ghost
Suburban Home, 2011

Electric guitar

Kasey Anderson
Heart of a Dog
Red River, 2011

Hammond B3 organ, farfisa, piano

fern3 Fernando
True Instigator
Domingo Records, 2011 (recorded 2009)

Band member, Hammond B3 organ, guitar
ChrisMarshall Chris Marshall
August Light
Oh My Soul, 2011

Hammond Organ
Dan/Pete Dan Jones/Peter Wilde
My Name is John Smith (split 10")
self-produced, 2010

Electric guitars, hammond organ, rhodes electric piano, pump organ, piano
kurt Kurt Hagardorn
self-produced, 2010

Hammond B3 Organ
OnTheStairs On The Stairs
A Muted Dawn
self-produced, 2010

Hammond B3 Organ

Pancake Breakfast
Noise Nest, 2010

Band member (new), vocals

casey4 Casey Neill & the Norway Rats
Goodbye to the Rank & File
In Music We Trust, 2010

Electric guitar, baritone guitar

Kasey Anderson
Nowhere Nights
Red River, 2010

Hammond B3 organ, piano

Jackie-O Motherfucker
Ballads of the Revolution
Fire, 2009

Pedal Steel Guitar
Garett Brennan and the Great Salt Licks
Huckleberry Tree
self-produced, 2009

Hammond B3 Organ
Lex Browning
Lex Browning
Good Rain
Red Newt Records, 2009

Hammond B3 Organ, Wurlitzer Piano
St Jeff
St. Jeffrey's Day: the songs of Jeffrey Frederick
Frederick Productions, 2009 (compilation)

Lewi Longmire Band- "Toilet"
Lead vocals & guitar

Bingo Band- "Singing to the Dentist"
Piano, vocal

James Low- "Stolen Guitar"
Lead guitar, vocal
Peter Wilde 4
Peter Wilde
Live @ the Oregon Country Fair 2003
End of the Rainbow, 2008

Lead guitar, vocals
Don of Division
The Don of Division Street
Animals in Love
self-produced, 2008/9

Hammond B3 Organ
Little Sue Baby Knows Better Little Sue
Baby Knows Better
Bathtub Lily Music, 2008

Electric and baritone guitars

The Yellers The Yellers
On the Green
Silver Saturn Music, 2008

Fender Telecaster
Lewi Longmire Band - Fire 'neath the still
Lewi Longmire Band
Fire 'Neath the Still
Lawnmower Music, 2008

Songs, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, mandolin, banjo... wind chimes
Bingo Don't Give up Your Daydream
Bingo Dream Band
Don't Give Up Your Daydream
Mcmenamins/Woodrose, 2008

Band member, guitar and vocals
Live at Mississippi Studios Vol. 3
Live at Mississippi Studios, Vol. 3
Mississippi Studios, 2007 (complilation)
w/ Tony Furtado- "Thirteen"

Hammond Organ
The Peasants The Peasants
$3 Stories
self-produced, 2007

Band member, drums, lap steel, mandolin, organ, harmony vocals
Michael Hurley Michael Hurley
Ancestral Swamp
Gnomonsong, 2007

Caleb Klauder Caleb Klauder
Dangerous Mes and Poisonous Yous
self-produced, 2007

Lewi Longmire Lewi Longmire Band
Crazy Coyote
Longmire/McMenamin's, 2007

Songs, vocals, guitar
Casey Neill Casey Neill
Brooklyn Bridge
In Music We Trust, 2007

Band member, guitar, Wurlitzer piano
Joules Graves
For Joules (compilation)
Doug Green Prod., 2007

Lewi Longmire
- "Drive Me Wild"
Vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer, bass
Andrew Field Andrew Field
self-produced, 2006

Hammond organ
Matt Voth Matt Voth
Katrina Sessions
self-produced, 2006

Bingo Dream Band Bingo Dream Band
Back of the Moon
MP3 only tracks, 2006

Band member, guitar
Tara Jane O'Neil Tara Jane O'Neill
In Circles
Quarterstick, 2006

Pedal steel guitar
Enter to Exit
In Music We Trust, 2006

Band member, piano, Hammond organ, guitar
Flags of the Sacred Harp Jackie-O Motherfucker
Flags of the Sacred Harp
ATP, 2005

Pedal steel guitar
Mike Damron Michael Dean Damron
Perfect Day for a Funeral
In Music We Trust, 2005

Producer, engineer, guitars, Wurlitzer piano, organ, banjo, bass, pedal
steel, backing vocals
Hillstomp Hillstomp
The Woman that Ended the World
Self-produced, 2005

Hammond Organ
Paul Benoit Paul Benoit
self released, 2005

Hammond organ
Raina Rose
Raina Rose
Despite the Crushing Weight of Gravity
Myckle Myrth Music, 2005

Moonshine Hangover Moonshine Hangover
Self-produced, 2004

Hammond organ
Station to Station Station to Station One
KBOO, 2004 (compilation)

Jim Boyer- "Another Night", "Heavy Boots"
Piano, organ

Bingo- "Lifeboat"
Lewi Longmire Lewi Longmire
If I Live to be 100
Number One Records, 2004

Songs, vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano, organ
Jim Boyer Jim Boyer 
TIme Spent
Frederick Productions, 2004

Piano, organ
Little Sue Little Sue
Self-produced, 2004

Band member, electric guitar, piano, organ
A Horse Named Darrl Darrin Craig
A Horse Named Darryl
Self-produced, 2004

Band member, electric and baritone guitar
Bingo Music Bingo
The Cicada and Other Stories
Cravedog/Woodrose Records, 2004

Guitar, bass
Pickathon 3
Pickathon 2003
Mountain Labs, 2004 compilation

Little Sue & Lynn Conover- "Colorado Frank"
Casey Neill Casey Neill Band
Raleigh & Spencer/Blue Tar Road 7"
Broadside Records, 2003 (45rpm vinyl)

Band member, guitar
Peter Wilde Hold Me Up to the Light: Songs of Peter Wilde
Number One Records, 2003 (compilation)

Lewi Longmire & Tecumseh Valley
- "King of the World"
Vocals, guitar

Brian QTN- "Around Again"
Pedal steel guitar, harmony vocals
Pickathon Pickathon 2002
Mountain Lab Productions, 2003 (compilation)

Casey Neill- "Chinquapin"
Band member, guitar
Deep Roots 6 Deep Roots 6
Troutdale Poetry Experiment, 2003 (compilation)

Vapor Lock- "I'll Always See the Rain"
Acoustic guitar
I Can Lick Any SOB
I Can Lick any S.O.B. in the House
Put Here to Bleed
In Music We Trust, 2003

Bass, banjo, backing vocals

The track "In the Mud" is actually by an earlier incarnation of the
band (3 years before), when I was a full member of it.
Deep Roots 5 Deep Roots V (compilation)
Troutdale Poetry Experiment, 2002

James Low- "A Picture"
Baritone guitar, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ

Lewi Longmire & Tecumseh Valley- "Insomnia"
Vocals, guitar

This is a cool, ongoing project where they have local musicians write songs to the poetry of high school students, then record and release them.
James Low James Low
Black Heart
Self-produced, 2002

Band member, guitar, slide guitar, Wurlitzer piano
Pickathon 2 Pickathon Live, Vol. 2 (compilation)
Mountain Lab Productions, 2002

Caleb Klauder Band- "What I Do"
Band member, guitar and vocals
James Whiton James Whiton
Rhythm & Motion
Peak Studios, 2002

Electric guitar
Kentucky Snakehandlers
Kentucky Snakehandlers
Songs from the Glow-in -the-Dark House
Record Label Records, 2002

Electric and pedal steel guitar
Dexter Grove
Dexter Grove
Color Me Naked
Self-produced, 2001

Lead guitar

James Whiton from AJam and myself did some nice stuff on this album, I
Mare Wakefield Mare Wakefield
Self-produced, 1999

Lead guitar
Mr. Fancypants Apricot Jam
Mr. Fancypants
The Lotus Sound, 1998

Band member, guitar, accordion and vocals
Hazeldine Hazeldine
How Bees Fly
Glitterhouse, 1997

Slide guitar

These guys came up from nowhere, were suddenly hailed as stars in
Europe, and then exploded before most folks ever heard of 'em. Let that
be a lesson to you. Great band, though.
Apricot jam Apricot Jam
Preserved Live @ the Fox Theater
Self-produced, 1995

Band member, guitar and vocals
Apricot Jam
Apricot Jam
Sticky (cassette only)
Self-produced, 1993

Band member, guitar and vocals