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OPEN LETTER TO THE PARTICIPANTS of the Last Chance Barn Dance!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that was stout-hearted enough to brave the weather and come on out to the Barn Dance this year. We had a slightly smaller turnout this year, but not by much. I was amazed, walking around the camp, to see how much effort folks had gone to, making elaborate shelters and doing whatever it took to make sure they'd be comfortable and well taken care of. So many of you opted to actually work harder and make sure you had a rain-appropriate camp, rather than to the easy thing, which would be to blow it off and stay home. You all are definitely folks that are dedicated to having a real good time, and not afraid of putting in a little effort to make it so. I commend you.

I have to point out to everyone one of the subliminal things going on with the Barn Dance is that it's an event where, really, nobody is all too interested in or worried about making money. It's really quite altruistic, with the bottom line being about having a good time, and not about making a bunch of money, although people keep pointing out that we could be charging a lot more for the tickets. This was really brought home to me in a big way this year with the rain playing such a big part in the scheme of things. The bands have always been kind enough to come play without any guarantee of a set amount of money beforehand, just an agreement that everybody would split the money from the gate if there was any left after expenses.

This year, though, that leap of faith included looking from their warm houses in Portland outside at a wet and windy day, and facing the possibility that they may end up driving several hours each way to play music to (for all they know) an empty barn, for no pay (for, if nobody showed up, there'd be no money to pay for toilets, yet alone bands). It would have been hard to look at the weather in town over the weekend, and believe that there were several hundred folks ready for music out at the barn. And yet, not a single act complained, cancelled out, or even made any fuss about it.

That is one of the things that, in my mind, makes our musical community one of the finest groups of people around. Everybody is glad to get paid a bit, but at the end of the day, they share their gifts freely with the folks that are kind enough to appreciate it. That's good business in life and karma, if not always in cash, and I believe it will come back. It always seems it has. I wish a big super thanks to all the musicians.

Pat and Mary, the owners of the Barn's land, also never bring much attention to the finances of the situation. They always agree to take their compensation based on how many folks attend, and make it so I never have to worry about coming up with a huge chunk of cash if for some reason nobody shows up. That makes it possible for me to incur the risks I do with an open heart, knowing I'm not arranging a fest that some money-hungry folks are going to feed their greed with. Everybody in this crew seems just happy to get what they get and feel good about giving what they give. It's a great exchange.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. This year's Dance was the best one so far, in my opinion, even with the rain. As the head organizer, it seems to me that this year there was not a single thing that stressed me out. The attendees were very together and very vocal about their appreciation for the event, making me feel better about asking folks to come out into the rain. The crews and volunteers all took care of most every eventuality, only rarely even having to ask me to make a decision or to provide more info. I commend them all. It was great to be able to just hang out and enjoy my time there instead of having to feel like I needed to be "on" or working, even if I do derive some comfort out of having a job to do.

That said, a quick list of thanks to these folks as well, without whom this could not have happened:

Kristen & Mitch
: heading up the central crew and first line of defense. They are the ones that really do the work.

The rest of main admissions and misc. crew: Maureen,Jackie, Brett Baserock, Timber, Doug Lavely.

Rick & Seth: The sound crew, busting butt to get a dozen bands all wired for sound on a tight schedule.

Jason Casey: Stage manager, making sure bands are ready to get on and off, and making sure the sound guys know what's about to happen.

Beth Littlewolf, Jen Hill, Christian Groth: The kitchen crew, making sure that some 50 odd folks have meals and snacks, even in the middle of the night.

Keith: For committing to run the water truck, long before it became apparent that we wouldn't need it.

Kevin 'Bingo" Richey: Although he couldn't come this year, he did design the all the posters, T-shirts, and laminates.

Carl Godfrey: For taking photos and making the laminates.

Erika, Megan, Ellen et al: Putting in so much work to create a righteous kids camp, even if it did get rained out. Pooh.

Joe & Kima: For volunteering and organizing the COOL bus shuttle!

Pat & Mary of the Trailhead: For being so open and providing us with a magical space in which to get our freak on.

I sincerely apologize if I have forgotten anyone. This thing takes a lot of work, and I really appreciate all the way that everyone chips in to get it going.

See yez next year!

The Last Chance Barn dance is more of an open party than a festival. But this coming Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-7, 2009), we're hosting two nights of freak and family-friendly music and camping in a beautiful barn at the Trailhead Bed & Breakfast in Trout Lake, WA. This is just north of Hood River, OR and about 90 minutes from downtown Portland.

 Admission at the gate, no advance tickets. Cost is $20 per person for either single day, or $30 for a weekend pass, includes parking and camping. Sliding scale donation for teenagers and kids.

Some photos of the site are up HERE ON MySPACE .

 The music starts roughly at sunset, around 6pm. The band order, from first to last:

We're sorry to announce that Two Beers Veirs has had to cancel their set. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Saturday, Sept. 5th
The Old Yellers
Michael Hurley
Lewi Longmire Band
Quick & Easy Boys
Freak Mountain Ramblers (closer)

Sunday, Sept. 6th
afternoon: crafts parade and Little Sue's kid's DJ party!

Pagan Jug Band
Lynn Conover Band
James Low & the OGs (James, Lewi, Matt, Marilee & Jolie)
Casey Neill & the Norway Rats
The Crackpots
NW Country-Rock Allstars' Huge Freakin' Jam (closer)

Paul Brainard will also be present to add tasty steel to various sets, and DJ Witts will be spinning vinyl in the barn prior to the shows to get it all warmed up.

Weather permitting, Michael Hurley will also play an afternoon concert Sunday on the porch!


This year, we will have at least one food vendor, HEADWATERS CAFE. You should prepare and bring some kind of food for yourselves (and some to share: feed you friends!), so you don't have to buy every meal. You can bring grills and covered BBQs as well, just no open flames. Also, there are stores and restaurants nearby in Trout Lake proper, but they close fairly early.

There are lots of interesting hikes and day activities to keep you busy on the Sunday afternoon between the two shows. We're also likely to have Little Sue DJ a kids' dance party on Sunday afternoon in the barn, so their parents can get a li'l break.

The community of Trout Lake also hosts a "SATURDAY" MARKET full of country goods, homemade pies and such from 9am-3pm on Sept. 5th AND 6th at the local Grange Hall.

They are also having their annual RUMMAGE SALE all weekend long just down the road from the Barn.

Please take some time to check out these local events, we'd like to help support the local community, and not just breeze in, rock out all night, and split. Let's meet the locals!

--------------COOL BUS SHUTTLE FROM/TO PDX---------------

"The Oregon Wildlife Federation is very pleased to be able to support the Last Chance Barn Dance by offering rides from Portland to the Barn Dance and back again on our bus named COOL. The mission of COOL is to help progressive causes. This is a great chance to help our great magical music community. As Emma Goldman said "If you can't dance at the revolution I ain't going". Here is the info:

Capacity: COOL can fit 34 folks but with camping gear we will accept reservations for 20 folks.

Cost: $20 per person roundtrip. This covers our cost (gas, insurance, etc.), and participants riding to the LCBD on the COOL bus will get a $5 per person discount on weekend admission to the fest.

Reservations: Pls email or call Joe Keating to make a reservation. keats@aracnet.com, 503-234-2613. We will need a minimum of 10 reservation to make the trip with COOL.

Departure from PDX: We will leave from the Laurelthirst Pub on Saturday (9/5) at 2:30 PM. Pls arrive by 2:00 PM so we can load up. We will arrive with ample time to set up camp and hit the first show.

Departure from LCBD: We plan to leave LCBD on Monday 9/7 @ noon which will get us back to PDX around 2 PM"

 -----------DIRECTIONS FROM PORTLAND:---------------

 Take I-84 east to Hood River. Take the 3rd exit, "Highway 35- Bingen/White Salmon", go left at the bottom of the ramp. Cross the Columbia via the Hood River Bridge ($.75 toll). Turn left on Hwy 14 at the end of the bridge. A few miles down Alt. Route 141 will branch off to the right. It will join Route 141 after a few miles. Continue about 25 miles up Rte. 141.

 Take a LEFT on Wood Road, just after you pass the Trout Lake School on your right. At the next stop sign, turn LEFT on Jennings. Follow this about 2 1/2 miles. It turns to gravel after a bit. When you reach the Trailhead B & B sign, you'll know you are there. The admission booth will be just ahead of you.

 If you get lost, call the B & B: 509-395-2205

 There are more directions and a map at their website:






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